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Liz Fensterstock, fine art advisor

Liz Fensterstock is a full-service independent art advisor in New York City and Los Angeles, with 22 years’ experience collecting postwar and contemporary art. 

Inspired by her father, a 1960s conceptual artist, Liz has built a career supporting visionary contemporary artists. She managed and directed commercial art galleries in the 90s and early 2000s, before becoming a private dealer, amassing a comprehensive collection of photography, drawings, and sculptures. For the past 15 years, she has served the Whitney and MoMA on their acquisitions committees in Prints, Drawings, and Photography. She is currently a partner with the VIA Art Fund, where she honors her artistic roots by facilitating public engagement with contemporary visual art. 

With her experience connecting artists with public and private funding as well as patrons for future projects, Liz has developed a critical eye, adaptable to corporate clients and residential collections alike. Liz has been widely praised for her ability to anticipate art trends and discover new artists. She combines her experience building her own impressive collection with a hands-on approach to serve the individual needs of her diverse clientele.